14 Vaping Terms to Know When You Switch to E Cigarettes

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Sep 30, 2015, 3:13:00 PM


You really don’t have to learn much before you make the switch to e cigarettes. Hold an e cig and you’ll understand! “Vaping” feels just like smoking — just without the smoke, or the high costs, or the lingering smell.

However, the world of vaping has all sorts of new terminology and slang. Don’t be embarrassed if you hear people talking about e cigs or vaporizers and it sounds like gibberish. It’s a new vocabulary that we all have to learn and soon everything will start to feel like second nature!

Learn these vaping terms as you switch to e cigarettes:

A slang term for a stinky old tobacco cigarette. Analog, as in “not digital.” Switch to e cigarettes and you’ll start noticing why traditional cigarettes are a thing of the past!

The part of e cigs that holds the e liquid. It’s also where you inhale. On Mistic e cigs, the cartridge is the yellow part that looks like a filter.

A slang term for standard e cigs that look like traditional cigarettes (as opposed to vaporizers, which don’t resemble cigarettes). The common choice when you switch to e cigarettes.

An e cig that cannot be recharged or refilled. When it’s used up, you can just throw it away.

E Juice (E Liquid):
The liquid that turns into vapor. Mistic e juice only has four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring, and a preservative. We also offer a nicotine-free version.

Modification, modified vaporizers, modified tanks. Refers to the ultimate tool for control and power when vaping. HAUS makes vaping simple, tasty, and consistent so there’s no need to tinker with anything.

PG or VG: 
Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are two ingredients found in e liquid as well as various foods and medicines as a preservative. Mistic uses PG, which delivers a thick vapor that tastes and feels more like smoking compared to VG e liquids.

Personal Vaporizer, like the HAUS PV from Mistic. These are larger than “cigalikes” and have a refillable tank for vape juice. The smaller versions might be referred to as a "vape pen". The larger versions, like our Classic Collection PV, will be a mod.

Rechargeable Battery:
The part of e cigs that heats up the liquid and can be charged for reuse. On Mistic e cigs, the rechargeable battery is the long white part.

Starter Kit: 
A package that includes everything you need to switch to e cigarettes. Mistic kits include a battery, cartridges, and a charger (Deluxe kits have even more!).

The holder of the e juice inside a PV.

Tank cap:
In addition to being the tank lid, this part includes the metal coil that heats up e juice in a PV.

Inside the tank cap, the PV wick delivers e juice to the heated coil. HAUS tanks use a reliable silica wick.

The verb “to vape” means to use e cigs or vaporizers. It’s vaping, not smoking! Still a little confused? That’s okay! Check out our E Cigs 101 page for even more information. 

Trust us—it will all make sense once you switch!

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