25 Vape Terms You Should Know

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Simple Guide to vaping using PVs

If you recently started using e cigs, vape pens, or mods, don't worry—there's not much you need to know to get started. But there are a few things that you'll learn as you go along, so we thought we'd go ahead and clue you in on a few of the vape terms you'll pick up along the way!

Here are our top 25 vape terms you need to know:

1. Analog: a slang word for an ordinary tobacco cigarette. This term implies that e cigs, vape pens, and vape mods are the digital/electonic option, while tobacco is the old physical or "analog" version.

2. Atomizer: this is another name for the heater coil that turns the e juice into vapor. An atomizer must have plenty of liquid to operate properly; if it goes dry, it's at risk of overheating and getting damaged.

3. Cartomizer: a disposable combination of an atomizer and a cartridge that includes both the heating coil and the liquid tank; many cartridges are technically cartomizers.

4. Cartridge: The disposable part of the electronic cigarette that attaches to the battery and holds the e liquid. To create vapor, you inhale through the hole on the top of the cartridge.

5. Cigalike: A slang term for standard e cigs that look like traditional cigarettes (as opposed to vaporizers, which don’t resemble cigarettes). Cigalikes like the Mistic electronic cigarette are the most popular choice for people who are new to vaping.

6. Clearomizer: a large, clear cartomizer that includes a clear tank and an atomizer base with a heating coil and wick. Clearomizers are reusable to an extent, but must be replaced when performance begins to decline.

7. Cloud Chasing: when vapers try to achieve the largest possible cloud of vapor, which can be dangerous.

8. Disposable: an e cig that cannot be recharged or refilled. When it’s used up, you can just throw it away.

9. E Cig: shorthand for "electronic cigarette."

10. E Juice (E Liquid): the liquid used in vape pens and mods that turns into vapor. It is made of water, flavoring, nicotine, and some combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG and VG—see entry below).

11. Gurgling: a sound personal vaporizers make when too much e juice has been added, or when the liquid has gotten into the central tube of the tank.

12. Leaking: this can happen when too muche juice has been added to a personal vaporizer (PV), when it is carried or stored improperly, if it is damaged, or if the pressure changes (like on an airplane). 

13: Lithium-Ion Battery: the type of battery used in rechargeable electronic cigarettes. They are considered the strongest and most powerful type of battery for e cigs, and they're even recyclableOn Mistic e cigs, the rechargeable battery is the long white part. On our PVs, it's the black portion you hold on to while you vape.

14. Mod: short for "modification," this refers to modified vaporizers or PVs that allow for modification. The HAUS Craft Collection Sub Ohm Mod Kit is a great place to start if you're new to mods.

15. Ohm: a measurement of electrical resistance. The lower the number, the faster the coil will heat and the more vapor it will produce. See Sub-Ohm below. 

16. Pod Mod: a new kind of personal vaporizer that uses self contained "pods" filled with the vape juice. Pod Mods like the Mistic 2.0 combine the ease of use of e cigs with the long battery life and flavor options of mods.

17. PG and VG: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are two ingredients commonly found in e liquid, as well as in various foods and medicines as a preservative. HAUS e juices contain only PG, while Craft Collection and UNBROKEN liquids contain both PG and VG. Different amounts of each give different combinations of flavor, throat hit, and vapor production.

18. PV: stands for personal vaporizer, like the HAUS PV from Mistic. These are larger than “cigalikes” and have refillable tanks for e juice. The smaller versions might be referred to as "vape pens," while the larger versions are considered mods, like our Craft Collection Sub Ohm Mod.

19. Sub-Ohm: refers to vaping with an atomizer coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. This produces a great deal of vapor at a higher temperature and with less moisture.

20. Tank: a PV tank is the cylindrical container that holds of the e juice in a PV.

21. Tank Cap: in addition to being the tank lid, this part includes the metal coil that heats up e juice in vape pens like the HAUS PV.

22. Wick: inside the tank cap, there is a wick that delivers e juice to the heated coil. HAUS tanks use a reliable silica wick.

23. Vape: the verb “to vape” means to use e cigs or vaporizers, which produce vapor.

24. Vape Pen: this type of personal vaporizer is about the size and shape of a fountain pen (and larger than the cigalike type of e cig). The HAUS PV is considered a vape pen.

25: Vaper: a person who vapes. Notice that the spelling is different from "vapor," which is what all e cigs and PVs produce.

We hope all of those definitions cleared a few things up, or at least added a little explanation to terms you may have heard along the way!

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