3 Reasons You Can Trust Mistic for Quality Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 20, 2016 4:39:43 PM


Unfortunately, the product that a company advertises isn’t always what they actually deliver. Although some brands insist that they only use high-quality ingredients in their e juices or that they have the most reliable electronic cigarettes around, their vaping products often fail to meet your expectations. Even worse, some of these businesses post fake reviews on their websites, an act that directly manipulates and deceives their trusting costumers.

At Mistic, we don’t condone these practices, preferring instead to let our products speak for themselves. Over the last several years, we’ve worked tirelessly to build a reputation for great-tasting and affordable products, which we maintain by staying true to our customers. While there are many reasons to choose our brand, here are 3 reasons why you can trust Mistic for real quality electronic cigarettes.

1. We’re American-Owned

Though vaping products are sold nationwide, many of the businesses behind them aren’t based in the US. As a result, these foreign investment companies can often seem distant and even indifferent to the needs of their customers, which negatively impacts their customer service. When you’re spending your hard-earned money on a product, you want to trust the brand that’s selling it—but in cases like this, you’ll be hard-pressed to make any sort of connection. 

In contrast, Mistic is an American-owned electronic cigarette company. We began as a modest business out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and have since expanded our presence in major retail stores across the US. As we’ve grown, we’ve made sure to stay in touch with our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on our reliability, and in the rare event of an issue, we are happy to help!

2. We’re Independent 

Whereas other businesses stretch themselves across various unrelated markets, attempting to make products that try (and fail) to appeal to all consumers, Mistic is an independent brand. That means that we specialize only in the vaping industry, so we can focus on quality. Because we dedicate our time and energy solely to producing electronic cigarettes and other vaping accessories, we never have to falsely advertise any of our products. Instead, our e cigs, HAUS personal vaporizer kits, and flavorful e juices stand on their own success. They’re truly the best-in-class value across all brands, because we work hard to make them so.

3. We Use Simple Ingredients 

It’s not uncommon to purchase a vape juice and then have no idea what’s actually in it. Although some companies might say their products contain only a few basic ingredients, the truth is often that they actually include a long list of chemicals that would make any vaper cringe. But with Mistic and HAUS, you always know exactly what you’re getting, because we’re not secretive about it. Each of our delicious e juices is made up of only four simple ingredients—water, nicotine, premium flavoring, and a PG or VG/PG base—and is made and packaged in the US. You can always expect to enjoy a cleaner, bolder taste when you purchase our products.

When you choose Mistic, you’re guaranteed a reliable, affordable, and exceptional vaping experience—just one of many ways that we stand out from our competitors as a brand you can trust.Try Mistic today!

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