4 Reasons Vape Mods Are Comfortable to Use

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 7, 2015, 3:38:47 PM

Why Vape Mods are Comfortable to Use

Vape mods are designed with vaping in mind — rather than trying to mimic the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes. We’ve seen a natural evolution toward vaping devices that give the user more control and deliver a better experience for people who know what they want out of vaping.

When we designed the HAUS Craft Collection Mod Kit, we made sure to design it around the wants and needs of avid vapers. From a contoured grip to adjustable controls, vape mods like the HAUS CC make it even more comfortable and enjoyable to vape. Here’s why!

1. Rounded Body, Natural Grip

Vape mods with a rounded body feel comfortable and natural in the palm of your hand. The HAUS Craft Collection Mod feels even better thanks to an ergonomic grip. The wider side of the battery slips into your hand while your fingertips have a natural resting place.

2. Even Weight Distribution

You want a relatively lightweight device, but it should have just the right amount of heft to it and even weight distribution between the battery and tank. If your tank weighs a lot more than the battery, the device will feel top-heavy. The HAUS CC Mod feels comfortable because most of the weight is in the battery. The tank is short and wide so it doesn’t feel like it’s about to topple over.

3. Vertical, Horizontal, or 45 Degree Angle?

How to hold your mod is up to you. The great thing about vape mods is that you can hold them somewhat like a tobacco pipe, holding the mod to the side of your mouth. But you can also hold it horizontally, or you can hold it vertically at the center of your lips. As long as you aren’t holding it upside down for an extended period of time, you’re getting vape liquid to the wicks. The easy grip and comfortable shape make it easy to vape the way that feels best to you.

4. Adjustable Airflow and Wattage

Airflow and wattage play important roles in mod vaping. With an adjustable airflow feature, you can change how deeply you puff and the density of the vapor. You can also adjust the power up and down with variable wattage vape mods.

Max out the airflow and increase the wattage, and you can get huge vapor clouds from short, light puffs. Turn down the wattage and decrease the airflow, and you can draw cooler, denser vapor.

Find out why more vapers are switching to vape mods for greater comfort and more control. Check out the HAUS Craft Collection Mod Kit in our online store!

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