4 Tips for Cleaning Nicotine Spills

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 20, 2016, 3:39:00 PM

Cleaning Nicotine Spills

Remember those chemistry lessons about flushing the skin with water and cleaning up spilled chemicals? Well, nicotine is a chemical and it’s classified as a poison—so let’s talk about how to clean up spilled e juice.

Your goal should be to avoid any contact with your skin or eyes and never let e liquid get directly into your mouth. Fortunately, our e juice bottles are designed to be child-resistant and easy to pour, but accidents can happen.

If you ever spill nicotine or accidentally come into direct contact with the liquid, here are some cleaning tips to remember. 

Best Cleaners for Nicotine Spills

Water, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar can clean up almost any nicotine spill when applied right away. Spot cleaners and detergents can be used later if there appears to be a stain forming.

Skin: If e juice makes contact with your skin, flush it with a heavy flow of warm water. Soap up afterward—but first, make sure the liquid is flushed way.

Eyes: Nicotine stings the eyes, so try to avoid making contact with your eyes while handling e juice or cleaning a spill. If you get some in your eye, flush with plenty of water.

Clothing & Fabric: Soak a clean washcloth or paper towels in warm water and apply pressure to nicotine spilled on clothing, carpet, or upholstery to absorb the spill. You can also use a mix of water and either rubbing alcohol or vinegar to blot the spill. Then, for even stronger stain prevention, you can use a spray-on spot cleaner or a dab of laundry detergent.

Safety Tips for Cleaning

After spilling e juice, you might be in a rush to protect your clothing and belongings from stains—but remember to protect your skin while you clean!

Keep these tips in mind when cleaning up spilled e juice:

  • Wear gloves such as latex gloves or kitchen gloves.
  • Use a clean cloth or mop to wipe up the spill, and clean the cloth or mop afterward before using it again!
  • Let surfaces dry after cleaning before using them again. Keep pets and children away until the spill has been fully cleaned.
  • Safety glasses or goggles are a good idea for heavy spills. Nicotine can seriously irritate your eyes—flush with lots of water or saline solution if your eyes start to burn.

Act Fast—Clean Up Spills Immediately

The faster you react, the better. If you clean up immediately, stains are less likely to form and the nicotine is less likely to absorb into your system. 

It’s also important to clean up spills before a child or pet gets curious. A little nicotine on an adult’s finger might just tingle a little, but the same amount of nicotine could seriously affect a smaller creature. Warn kids to stay away from e juice, and clean up spills before anybody else comes into contact with the nicotine.

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