5 Things You Need to Know Before Switching to E Cigs

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 19, 2015, 2:58:00 PM


Feeling a little nervous about switching to e cigs? There’s tons of good reasons to start now! Mistic e cigs have an amazing great taste, they’re easy to use, and you’ll save a bunch of money.

Before you switch, let’s talk about some things you should know!

1. You get to choose how to switch from tobacco to e cigs.

Want to switch 100% overnight? Great, you can do it! But many people prefer switching to e cigs gradually. It’s really up to you!

For a complete switch, make sure to pick up a Mistic E Cig Starter Kit and stock up on refills. The cartridges last a long, long time — but make sure you have extras on hand so you don’t go right back to cigarettes when the starter pack runs out.

For a gradual switch, pick certain times like work breaks or after your meals. Then start switching over to your e cig more times throughout the day.

2. E cigs don’t have all those chemicals.

As a smoker, you’ve probably been loyal to one brand. E cigs won’t taste exactly the same, but that’s okay— they really taste better and don’t have all those added chemicals found in most cigarettes.

Mistic HAUS e juice production

Mistic e cigs have a rich, authentic taste in tobacco or menthol. Our e cigs also satisfy with real nicotine bottled right here in North Carolina to the strictest standards ensuring the highest purity. Give our e cigs a chance, and we bet you won’t miss your old smokes one bit.

3. You’ll save tons of money!

How much cheaper are e cigs? Most smokers save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year after they switch!

Consider this, smoking a pack a day at $7 per pack costs $2,555 per year (plus the cost of lighters, odor-fighting products, extra laundry, and so on).

Now think about the cost of e cigs: one Mistic 5-pack offers the equivalent of an entire carton! You could SAVE over $2,000 compared to $7 for regular cigarettes.

The amount you save depends on how much you vape, but it always costs much less than smoking.

4. Say goodbye to tobacco stains!

E cigs contain nicotine, but they don’t stain your teeth or fingertips. You might just be pleasantly surprised by a whiter smile and cleaner hands after switching to e cigs for a while.

5. Life gets better — at home and at work.

For one thing, you can vape in places where you can’t smoke. Your kids will be happier to hug you. Coworkers will stop by your desk to chat instead of avoiding the stink of smoke on your clothes.

You might even perform better at work because you won't have to take smoke breaks. Most importantly, everyone in your life will be happy to spend more time with you! It's never too late to better your quality of lifeStill have questions about our e cigs? Don’t be shy.

Ask us anything about switching and start enjoying Mistic e cigs!

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