Affordable Mod Kits For New Vapers

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 23, 2016, 4:09:06 PM

Affordable Mod Kits For New Vapers

If you’re new to vaping, you'll want to keep an eye out for affordable mod kits that give you more bang for your buck. Mod kits contain several parts, and each has a different impact on your vaping experience. It can be hard to choose which one is best for you, especially when cost is a consideration (and when is it not?).

Let’s take a look at the common parts of a mod kit:

The Battery

A vape mod battery is detachable, rechargeable, and adjustable. This means you have control over the power of your vape by increasing or decreasing the wattage. By using more or less power, you control the thickness of the vapor and how much flavor and nicotine you get with each puff. 

The HAUS Sub Ohm Mod Kit includes a high-powered black lithium-ion battery with variable 5-30 watt power and 1300 milliamp capacity. This means it has extra-long life, and you can adjust the wattage between 5 and 30 watts for your desired vape.

This battery is included in the HAUS Vape Mod Kit, which costs just $49.99—way more affordable than most mod kits!

The Tank

A vape mod tank holds both the e juice and the atomizer coil that heats up the e juice. These coils have a particular amount of resistance, and that’s what determines how quickly the e juice is heated (less resistance = more quickly). 

Since the coil has less than one ohm of resistance, your e juice is heated faster to produce awesome vapor clouds. You can then add more or less power to create exactly the vape that you want. 

The HAUS Mod Kit comes with a tank and an extra coil, but extra tanks and replacement coils can be bought separately. A 3-pack of replacement coils costs just $14.99, and an extra tank sells for $24.99.

USB Charging Cable

Mod batteries are usually recharged through a USB cable that can be plugged into any USB port. Now that even cars often have USB ports, this makes it easy not only to charge your vape mod on the go, but even to vape while you’re charging (which is called “pass-through vaping”).

Of course, with the HAUS Sub Ohm Vape Mod Kit, you can vape any of our premium e juice flavors, all of which can be found in our online store!

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