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Menthol Vape Juice: Endless Flavor Combinations

Oct 30, 2018, 7:36:00 AM / by Mistic E Cigs

Walk into any vape store today and you’ll be inundated with flavors of all sorts, and one e-juice flavor that’s been around since day one and continues to thrive is menthol. We’re going to touch on why the flavor is so popular and how we see it evolving in the future.

To first understand why menthol is so common you must think about how people that smoke cigarettes either go for pure tobacco or cigarettes with menthol flavoring – it’s one of the two. When transitioning to vaping, the same tastes and habits carryover, thus making menthol popular.

One of the cool things about menthol is that it’s not a dominating flavor and provides more of a cooling, fresh taste that can be accompanied with all sorts of other flavors. We see the trend moving towards more e-juices that use a primary flavor as a base (e.g. blueberry or raspberry) then toss in menthol as the icing on the cake.

What are some of the flavors you think would be good with a menthol twist? Hit us up on Instagram (@misticecig) to share your thoughts!

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Written by Mistic E Cigs

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