Box Mod vs Pod Mod Dilemma: What’s Best?

Posted by Mistic ECigs and PVs on Dec 19, 2016, 4:33:52 PM


As pod mods have gained popularity over the past year there are tons of conversations on vape forums and social media related to pod mods vs box mods, and we’re going to briefly touch on the differences as well as why both are here to stay.

For one, you have to understand that pod mods are a result of innovations in the vape industry to make devices more accessible and understandable to the masses, but also more convenient at the same time. As we touched on in a previous post, titled “The Next Generation of Vaping: Pod Mods Gain Momentum,” the evolution of pod mods is very similar to the pod-based approach of new age coffee machines.

Secondly, we’re looking at two distinct products with two radically different sets of users. On one hand you have vape enthusiasts who enjoy building and tweaking their box mods while on the other hand pod mods apply to people who also vape but want a simple, easy to use solution where they don’t have to deal with changing coils, refilling tanks, and carrying around bottles of e-juice. We also see both devices being used regularly – one while on the go or at work and another at home.

So the big question is: Are box mods or pod mods better? Ultimately there’s no correct answer because it all depends on the user and what you want out of your vape experience.

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