British Company Launches Bluetooth Electronic Cigarette

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Feb 27, 2014 2:32:00 PM Comments


Have you ever wished your ecig could make phone calls? Well, neither have we, but vapers in the UK now have that option!

British ecig company Supersmoker has released a personal vaporizer (PV) that can make and receive phone calls and even play music using Bluetooth technology.

The Supersmoker Bluetooth Electronic Cigarette works with any Bluetooth-enabled device or software, using a built-in speaker and microphone with volume control.

As you might imagine, it’s not cheap – it retails for £79.95, the equivalent of $133.08 at today’s exchange rate. 

Once the PV is connected to the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet, it can access music playlists and reroute phone calls. You can answer or hang up a call simply by pushing the Bluetooth button.

While the technology is innovative, there are a few downsides – if the PV is connected but in your pocket, it may be easy to accidently pick up a call. It doesn’t include a headphone jack, so any call you accept can be heard by anyone near by. Finally, the tank is much smaller to make space for the Bluetooth controls, so users would have to refill the tank with eliquid more often.

The Supersmoker Bluetooth is certainly interesting technology, but the big question is whether vapers really want to be taking calls on their ecigs – only time will tell!

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