Can I Use My PV or Electronic Cigarette in Airports?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 17, 2016, 3:52:00 PM

Can I Use My PV or Electronic Cigarette in Airports?

Since vaping became popular, there has been a lot of confusion about vaping in airports, carrying vaping equipment in carry-on luggage and checked bags, and other details of travel.

It's understandable—things are changing quickly, and everybody has been rushing to catch up, from the TSA to elected officials. There was even a push in Congress to ban all vaping devices on planes that was defeated in 2016.

Luckily for American travelers, the TSA has recently clarified a few things, and questions of whether you can carry and use vaping devices in airports is much more clear-cut. Let's get to it!

Can you carry vaping equipment in your carry-on bags?

As of 2016, yes you can. The TSA issued a statement this year that due to fire risks from low-quality ecig products, vaping devices and batteries are allowed in carry-on baggage only. That way, if a malfunction were to cause a fire, it would be easy to find and extinguish in the cabin rather than continuing unchecked in the hold of the plane.

When you travel with your vaping devices, it's important to store them as safely as possible. To avoid malfunction or other problems, make sure your mod is off and take it apart. Make sure to empty out tanks, because the pressure changes during your flight can cause them to leak. Store it in a case or an airtight bag that won't damage the equipment, but will allow security to easily identify it. 

Vaping has  become common enough that TSA agents are typically familiar with all sorts of e cigs and personal vaporizers like mods or vape pens, including the popular items offered by Mistic, but you'll move through security more quickly if you make it easy for them to identify what it is by keeping all of the pieces together in a bag. Needless to say, if you have a vaping device that looks like a weapon or explosive device (such as the popular grenade style), leave it at home.

In your carry-on, you can only carry fluids in bottles that hold 3.4 ounces (100mL) or less, including vape juice. You can store larger bottles of e liquid in your checked baggage, but if you want to take some in your carry-on, transfer it to a smaller bottle and keep it in the clear 1-quart baggie with all of your other liquids. Remember, all passengers are limited to a single 1-quart bag for their liquids.

Can you carry vaping equipment in your checked bags?

You are not allowed to carry ecig batteries in your checked bags. You can carry charging cords, vape juice, empty tanks, and other non-battery accessories in your checked bags. 

Can you vape in the airport?

In short, it depends on the airport. Most airports do have a vaping policy in place, though what they permit varies widely. Some allow vaping as far as the gate, others allow it in designated areas, and others forbid it entirely. Since policies are so different from one airport to the next, you'll just have to check with the airport staff before you travel. It should be as simple as calling the help desk!

Can you vape on the plane?

NO. It is illegal to vape or smoke on planes, in part because it looks like smoke and can cause unnecessary panic about problems with the plane. And, like smoking traditional cigarettes on a plane, it can result in a large fine. Unless you want to scare your fellow passengers and pay $2,000-$3,000, do not vape on the plane. If your vaping causes panic and is deemed an in-flight disturbance, you could be find as much as $25,000. 

International Travel with Vaping Devices

When you're traveling outside of the US, you are subject to the laws of your host country, and not everyone treats vaping the same way. While you won't run into problems in most countries, vaping is illegal in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Singapore.

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