Can I Use My PV or Electronic Cigarette in Airports?

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Nov 16, 2015 3:52:44 PM Comments

electronic cigarettes in airports

Without a doubt, airports are among the most regulated public places.

One of the big benefits of electronic cigarettes is that you can often enjoy vaping in locations that typically prohibit smoking tobacco products.

It makes sense, then, to wonder about whether you can use an electronic cigarette in airports, especially since flying often includes hours and hours spent sitting around the terminal.

Using Your Electronic Cigarette in Airports

There’s some good news—many airports do allow full, unrestricted indoor use of e-cigs. In these airports, you can enjoy your favorite Mistic product while waiting at the gate before boarding—no more running around looking for cramped, cloudy smoking rooms.

At airports that allow electronic cigarettes, Mistic users and their travel companions will certainly enjoy the fact that our e-cigs and PVs do not produce secondhand smoke or an offensive odor. Plus, you won’t be stressed about finding a way to smoke tobacco cigarettes before or after a flight.

However, some airports do prohibit or restrict electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. Some, like Heathrow Airport in London, have vaping areas. Many airports regulate e-cigs and tobacco products with the same policies, so you would need to use the smoking area or go outside.

In any case, call ahead or check with airport staff to be completely certain of the current rules before enjoying your Mistic electronic cigarette in airports.

U.S. Airports That Allow Electronic Cigarettes as of July 2014

As of now, you can enjoy full indoor use of your electronic cigarette in airports including:

  • Washington, D.C. - Dulles Int'l and Ronald Reagan Washington Nat'l Airport
  • Las Vegas, NV - McCarran Int'l Airport
  • Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Douglas Int'l Airport
  • Miami Int'l Airport
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Int'l Airport

The Delta terminals allow electronic cigarette at the two New York City airports:

  • John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport
  • LaGuardia Int'l Airport

Major airports that allow vaping only in smoking areas include:

  • Los Angeles Int'l Airport
  • Chicago, IL -  O’Hare Int'l and Midway Int'l Airport
  • Philadelphia Int'l Airport
  • San Francisco Int'l Airport

At other airports, the rules may depend on local and state laws, as well as any rules set by the airport and airline operators. Because electronic cigarettes are still relatively new, it’s best to check with airport and airline officials to get the latest information.

Traveling with Electronic Cigarettes

If you're flying with your Mistic e-cig or Haus PV, be aware that most airlines do not allow vaping e cigs or personal vaporizers on airplanes during flight. However, you shouldn't have trouble carrying your e-cig or PV with you so you can vape when you touch down.

The TSA allows electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers in checked bags and carry-on items. If you have e-liquid with you, make sure the bottles are under the 3.4oz/100mL limit and are in the clear baggie with your other liquids, or pack them in your checked baggage.

Electronic cigarettes in airports have become common enough that TSA agents are typically familiar with all sorts of e cigs and personal vaporizers like mods or vape pens, including the popular items offered by Mistic.

Wherever you're traveling, keep your vaping supplies handy for when you need them, but be sure to check on the airport rules before you vape!

Travel regulations change often. Stay connected here!

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