Can You Trust Knock-Off Mistic Cartridges?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Sep 30, 2015, 8:30:00 AM

Mistic wants all our fans to enjoy great flavor and consistent quality from our electronic cigarettes. Some companies have started making knock-off Mistic cartridges that claim to be compatible with our batteries. For the best experience and quality control, you should always stick with authentic Mistic cartridges—for several reasons.

How Are Those Knock-Off Brands Cutting Corners?

What’s in your e juice? When you stick with real Mistic cartridges, you know what you’re getting.

Just like you'd expect with counterfeit watches and purses, the manufacturers of knock-off Mistic cartridges have to cut corners somewhere. The cartridge might seem to function normally with your Mistic battery, but that doesn't mean you are getting the same product.

Knock-off e cig cartridges are usually made in China or other countries. The e liquid may contain ingredients you don’t want, and you certainly aren’t getting the same quality and flavor. The websites that sell these products do not necessarily have the same quality control or oversight that we do.

If you vape with knock-off Mistic cartridges, what happens when something goes wrong? Nobody wants a broken battery or bad vaping experience with counterfeits. Getting help from the knock-off companies may be downright impossible. If you choose Mistic cartridges, you can contact our customer service team any time you need to.

Simply put, the counterfeiters can’t promise quality and consistency the way Mistic can. In fact, you can bet that they’re cutting corners to deliver an inferior product.

Why You Should Trust Mistic for Real Quality

The quality of an e cig depends on the ingredients and materials. Mistic can tell you exactly what’s in our e liquid, and we stand behind the quality of our cartridges and batteries.

Mistic e cig cartridges contain USA-made ingredients. Our e juice contains nothing but water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and tobacco or menthol flavoring.

All our cartridges get filled and packaged in the USA in clean, laboratory-style environments. We oversee quality control from the mixing of ingredients to the distribution of our products. This assures that your authentic Mistic e cigs are reliably high quality.

As a top-selling brand at Walmart and other retailers across the country, Mistic strives to uphold a strong reputation for consistent quality, delicious flavors, and outstanding customer support.

Stick with the Real Thing

Vaping with real Mistic cartridges is the best way to enjoy great flavor, battery life, and consistent quality.

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