Choose the Best Online Vape Pen Store

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 6, 2016 8:52:41 AM

Choose the Best Online Vape Pen Store

If you’re new to vaping (or just new to buying a vape pen online!), we know the process can be a little intimidating. That’s why we created the best online vape pen store we could, with easy navigation and big product images so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

The Mistic/HAUS online store has everything you need, and you don’t have to go find an out-of-the-way vape store to get supplies. We offer a wide range of vaping options, including vape pens, replacement tanks, extra batteries, and dozens of e juice flavors.

The Prices

HAUS Personal Vaporizers, Mistic’s vape pen brand, offers high-quality vape pens and e juices at very affordable prices. The HAUS Vape Pen Starter Kit includes everything you will need to vape right out to the box (except e juice): a convenient carrying lanyard, a slick black high-powered 650-milliamp lithium-ion battery with stainless steel fittings, a USB charger, and a streamlined design grip for comfort and style. All this, and it only costs $24.99!

Replacement tanks are just $7.99, and an extra battery will only set you back only $14.99. With e juices starting at $7.99, you can try out as many as you want without spending a fortune!

The Customer Service

We take our customers’ happiness seriously. If you ever have any questions about an order or a product, you can call 1-855-282-3700 during business hours to speak with a representative who will be glad to help you. Or you can always send us a message using our contact form.

The Options

A good vape pen experience has a lot to do with the e juices you’re using. In our online store, there’s an incredible variety of every kind of flavor—from fruity to nutty, milky to traditional tobacco, you won’t be short of options. We carry some of the industry’s best-tasting e juices, including our premium UNBROKEN E-Liquids, which is based on exotic tropical fruits from the Brazilian Amazon.

With prices, services, and options like these, Mistic is proud to be one of the best online vape stores around.

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