Congress At Odds with FDA on E Cig Regulation

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 10, 2015, 1:26:00 PM

FDA on E Cig Regulation

As the FDA seeks to implement new rules regulating electronic cigarettes, Congress has begun taking action to prevent changes that would essentially wipe most of your favorite vaping products off the market.

The FDA will likely enact new e cig regulations that mostly include some commonsense measures like testing and labeling for safety purposes. We can all agree that basic safety standards make sense.

However, the FDA has been pushing for a severe change—asking companies who already make e cigs to undergo a lengthy approval process that would cost each manufacturer millions of dollars.

A key House Subcommittee has approved their version of a bill that would block the FDA from regulating e cigs into extinction. Companies like Mistic, which already have products for sale, wouldn't be forced to travel back in time for a multi-million dollar “pre-approval” process.

Why Would the FDA Ban E Cigs?

The FDA can claim that new regulations wouldn't make e cigarettes illegal. In reality, the expensive review process would simply bankrupt most makers of e cigs and e juice. 

As many industry observers have put it, more than 99% of vaping products would be taken off shelves if the “pre-approval” process was enacted.

Contrary to some media reports, the House isn't seeking to drastically reduce the FDA’s ability to regulate e cigarettes. The FDA would still be able to regulate e cigs and impose new testing standards that make sense for everybody. The House Subcommittee has simply defended the right of Americans to buy the vaping products that they've already been buying. 

With so many Americans enjoying the switch from traditional tobacco products to vaporizers and e cigs, it would be inappropriate for the FDA to take away these products. 

Mistic and HAUS vaping products are already made in safe, laboratory-quality facilities in the USA. Our products are labeled for ages 18 and up. Not all vaping companies have the same high standards, though, so it makes sense for the FDA to want some additional regulation. 

Vaping has created countless jobs for American small businesses and helped millions of people enjoy vapor instead of smoke. Thankfully, we’re seeing Congress take action to keep it that way.

How do you feel about the FDA's regulations?

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