Does It Matter What Kind of E Juice You Use in a Vape Pen?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 22, 2016 5:11:09 PM

Does it Matter What Kind of E Juice You Use in a Vape Pen?

Variety makes life more enjoyable. You don’t want to wear the same exact outfit everyday or eat the same lunch each afternoon. So why should you use the same e juice every time you vape? Steady favorites add consistency to your experience, but when you try something new, you discover new taste landscapes to explore. Luckily, our HAUS vape pen won’t limit your horizons. You can use any of our e juices in our personal vaporizers whenever you want.

Reliable Quality

While you should avoid using formulas not made specifically for PVs, you’re also guaranteed a better vape when you insist on high quality products. All of Mistic’s e juices are compatible with our vape pens and mods, so you don’t have to worry about buying separate accessories. You can get it all – including our vaping starter kits, tanks, batteries, and mods – at authorized retailers and in our online store.

And unlike some brands, who add unnecessary chemicals and additives to their formulas, our e juice is composed of just a few simple ingredients for the purest flavor experience. Our vape juice are all made and packaged in the USA, so you can trust our commitment to providing our customers with dependable performance and customer service.

Flavorful Freedom

Most vapers generally start out with our classic flavors, like American Blend (Tobacco) or Cool Ice Menthol e juice, then expand into other tried and true crowd favorites. Enjoy a taste of a lazy Sunday morning cup of coffee and pastry with HAUS Java or Vanilla e juices. Refreshing fruit flavor is also just one refill away with HAUS Apple, Mango, and Watermelon e juice.

When you want something more exotic, try out our UNBROKEN line, inspired by the fresh tropical bounty of the Amazon. You’ll fall under the spell of tart pitanga and luscious star fruit. In contrast, our Craft Collection is pure vaping decadence, with Moon Milk’s creamy caramel notes and Shadow Cut’s earthy, herbaceous nuances.

Visit our online store to browse our range of e juices for vape pens and PVs. Whether your want something familiar and comforting or new and intriguing, we have options to suit all of your tastes.

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