Does Your Family Hassle You about Smoking? Try Ecigs!

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Aug 28, 2015 4:51:00 PM

Does Your Family Hassle You about Smoking? Try Ecigs

Many smokers feel the pressure to switch to ecigs. After all, it’s a smelly and obnoxious habit in the eyes of non-smokers. But is vaping a compromise? Absolutely not! Electronic cigarettes are more enjoyable, less expensive, and easier to use in public.

You’ll make your family happy when you switch to ecigs—and you’ll also love it for many good reasons:

Ecigs Don’t Stink!

Vaping produces a faint, pleasant aroma that disappears within a few minutes. Make the switch, do some laundry, and suddenly you’ll realize that you aren’t carrying around that cigarette odor.

Ask your friends and family who don’t smoke if they notice the cigarette smell on you. Surprised by their answers? Within a few days of switching to ecigs, you'll be able to recognize the unpleasant smell of smoking and you won’t miss it.

Are You Tasting Tobacco—or Smoke?

What do you taste when you smoke a combustible cigarette? A lot more than tobacco. Besides the various chemicals, you’re tasting smoke, ash, paper, and filter. Even if you smoke “additive-free” cigarettes, you’re still lighting tobacco leaves on fire and tasting the smoke.

Give ecigs a try and you’ll realize they taste much better! Mistic’s tobacco-flavored ecigs let you enjoy the rich, bold aromatic experience of tobacco without the smoke and ash. Our menthol ecigs give you a crisp and refreshing mint taste without anything the dry, smoky aftertaste.

Your family will have plenty of reasons to be glad that you switched to ecigs. You’ll be glad you switched to a better tasting alternative.

Save Money When You Switch to Vaping

Vapers save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year after making the switch. If you smoke a pack a day, multiply the average price you pay by 365. The cost of smoking adds up fast!

Ecigs end up costing about a dollar per day, if you vape as often as a pack-a-day smoker. You can buy bundles of cartridges to save even more.

Then consider the other costs of cigarettes: lighters, breath mints, extra laundry, the occasional damage to car upholstery... and it’s clear that vaping helps your wallet even more.

Lose the Stigma of Smoking

Your family aren’t the only people who might hassle you about smoking. There’s a stigma associated with smoking outside of restaurants and stores, or at parks and sporting events. At work, smokers often get less respect.

Ecigs are allowed in many places where you can’t smoke. It’s also more pleasant for non-smokers to be around in places where smoking is allowed.

After switching to ecigs, many people find themselves getting along better with family, friends, and coworkers. People might stop and glance at your ecig, but they won’t give you the stinkeye like you when you’re smoking. Find out what ecigs offer—and make your family proud while you’re at it.

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