Dry Hits: A Vaper's Worst Enemy

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 16, 2017, 3:27:16 PM

Dry-Hits-A-Vapers-Worst-Enemy_preview.jpegThere’s nothing worse than sitting back, kicking your feet up and expecting to take a hit of delicious e-juice only to be slapped in the face with a strong, nasty flavor and little to no vapor. The infamous dry hit has struck again.


If you’re familiar with your vape device, especially when it comes to box mods that require refilling, you can probably taste and feel the difference between a full tank of e-liquid and one that’s almost gone. When a tank is running low and you take a hit, leftover e-liquid burns off and that’s essentially what produces the nasty taste you’re so familiar with.


To remedy the problem, it’s always good to check tank levels and err on the side of caution – if you feel like you’re running low, refill! It’s much better than the alternative. Plus, it’s also better for your box mod and will preserve its longevity.


On the other hand, if you’re sick and tired of refilling tanks and dealing with dry hits, you may want to think about switching over to a pod mod, such as our Mistic 2.0. Pod mods use pre-filled pods that easily pop in, so when you’re running low you simply toss the old pod and slap a new one in. Lots of vape enthusiasts with active lifestyles that value convenience have been going this route since pod mods hit the market a few years ago.

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