E Cig Battery Safety Tips

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 4, 2015, 3:33:00 PM

 HAUS pv and Mistic e cig battery safety tips

Like smartphones and laptops, your electronic cigarette uses a rechargeable battery that should be taken care of and used safely. In order to appreciate a good, long vape—we all want to maximize e cig battery life. Just remember to store and recharge your lithium-ion Mistic battery properly, and you’ll enjoy a safe and reliable vaping experience!

In a few rare instances, other brands of e cigs have caused damage or injury because of battery problems. These issues have mostly occurred due to overheating, unattended charging, and user modifications. Follow the best practices for using and recharging your Mistic ecig battery to avoid these problems.

Avoid Overheating 

E cig batteries do best when kept at room temperature or colder. Overheated batteries start losing their charge more quickly, and can ruin.

Charge your battery away from heat sources and don’t leave them in hot places like window sills or next to a radiator. Don’t leave your e cigs in the car, either!

Unplug When It’s Fully Charged

When your battery finishes charging, unplug it from the power source and unscrew it from the charger. Power keeps flowing even after the battery light turns green to indicate that charging is complete. Lithium-ion batteries will keep their long lifespan if you unplug after charging, and this also helps avoid overheating.

Don’t Charge Overnight or Leave Unattended

Because the battery shouldn’t stay plugged in after charging, your best bet is to avoid charging overnight or anytime you won’t be around.

Overnight charging is unnecessary with Mistic or HAUS. The battery can fully charge in 5 hours or less. Don’t want to wait? Just get multiple batteries and you can always have a freshly charged battery ready to go.

Use an Approved Charger

Not all brands of e cigarettes use the same chargers. The wrong charger could lead to sparks and small fires. Stick with the manufacturer’s own chargers to be safe. Mistic Starter Kits include a USB battery charger and you can also get a charging case or car charger for convenience.

Be Wary of Modifications

It may sound like a fun idea to modify your e cig, but mods can be dangerous. E cig and personal vaporizer batteries are designed to work the way the manufacturer intended. An unsafe modification could cause sparks and fires spontaneously.

Want to change things up? Try different vaping devices instead of making modifications. You can try the HAUS personal vaporizer for a large tank and long-lasting battery, or get the Bridge so you can use your Mistic e cig with a refillable tank. These are both wonderful and safe alternatives to mods.

Keep Away from Kids!

E cigs are for adults—kids shouldn't touch or play with your e cigs. Mistic batteries are designed shut off after 5 seconds of continuous use to prevent danger, but let’s all be super safe: children just shouldn’t have access to your e cigs at all.

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