E Cig Etiquette: Vaping in Hotel Rooms

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 17, 2015 3:19:00 PM

Vaping in Hotel Rooms

For years, smokers have had a difficult time with travel because many hotels have gone smoke-free. Light up a  cigarette in a non-smoking room, and you’ll likely receive a hefty cleaning fine after you check out. There’s an easy solution, consider vaping in hotel rooms.

Before you book your next trip or travel with e cigs, take a moment to ask the hotel about their electronic cigarette policy. Unless the company specifically bans vaping in hotel rooms, you can feel free to enjoy your e cigs indoors. 

After a long day of traveling, it’s nice and relaxing to unwind with a Mistic e cig. Here’s what you should know before vaping in hotel rooms:

Ask About Hotel Policy

To be safe and avoid worrying about hotel fines, the best thing to do is ask your hotel about their policy. Call them before you book or ask at the front desk when checking in. You may have the option of taking a smoking room (if you don’t mind the smell!) or you may discover that the hotel does allow vaping in all guest rooms.

In some places, local laws may prohibit you from vaping indoors. If that’s the case, you can vape outside or consider booking a hotel outside the city limits. If local laws do allow vaping, still be sure to ask if the company has their own policy.

Let Your Vapor Clouds Air Out

Although vaping does not produce the secondhand smoke or smell of cigarettes, you might produce a lot of clouds if you’re vaping in hotel rooms a lot. Non-vapers might notice the aroma of your e juice and not know what to think! Crack a window if possible or run the air conditioner or fan to let the vapor dissipate.

Don’t Spill Your E Juice

Refilling your HAUS Personal Vaporizer at the hotel? Be careful and handle your vaping supplies on the bathroom counter or on the nightstand. Spilled e juice might stain the bedspread or carpet. It’s better to avoid upsetting the hotel management with any damage to the room.

Unplug Your Charger When Not in the Room

It’s always a good idea to charge your e cig or PV battery... but only when you are in the room. Your battery may be damaged or overheated if left plugged in too long. Also, if the hotel does not allow vaping in hotel rooms, they may be upset about finding an e cig charging in the room even though that does not necessarily mean you were vaping.

Using these tips will help ensure that your hotel stays are hassle free.

Stock up on Mistic and HAUS and enjoy vaping everywhere!

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