Is an E Cig the Same Thing as a Vape Pen?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Mar 18, 2016, 9:50:00 AM

Is an E Cig the Same Thing as a Vape Pen

When you’re new to vaping, it can be confusing to find that there are dozens of phrases to describe the same thing. For instance, “vape juice,” “e juice,” and “e liquid” are all words for the same type of product. In fact, with so many new terms to learn, you might even assume that a lot of them overlap. Particularly when it comes to e cigs and vape pens, you may hear the two terms used so frequently that you begin to think they’re interchangeable. However, they’re actually quite different products.

Although e cigs and vape pens share some similarities, each has its own unique distinguishing features. Here are the basic details to help you tell them apart and appreciate how each fit particular vaping needs.

E Cigs Are Small, But E-fficient

In the simplest terms, e cigarettes are battery-powered devices that produce water- vapor instead of smoke. Slim and lightweight in shape, they often seem small on the outside, but inside, they contain a powerful lithium-ion battery and a cartridge filled with delicious e liquid.

To use an e cig, you simply draw on the end, which causes the cartridge to heat up the liquid and convert it into vapor. Although e cigs are fairly basic in design, they’re very efficient for producing a long-lasting vape. When you use Mistic e cigs, you can choose between our two classic flavors, Traditional and Menthol.

Vape Pens Are More Advanced

Where e cigs make great introductory products for new vapers, vape pens are often preferred by more advanced users. That’s because, while they’re just as slim and lightweight as e cigs, vape pens have twice the battery power and a noticeably bigger tank. Subsequently, these features allow daily vapers to enjoy more time between refills. 

Vape pens also guarantee more flavor options for e juices. For example, when you use the HAUS vape pen, you can select any number of delectable vape juice, ranging from simply sweet tastes like Washington Red and Green Apple to our more bold and exotic combinations.

Whether you want e cigs or a vape pen, Mistic delivers trusted name-brand products every time. Visit our online store now to shop for your preferred device and browse our extensive line of e juices flavors.

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