E-Cigarette Vaping Zone Opened at Heathrow Airport

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 10, 2014 11:14:00 AM

e-cigarette vaping zone

If you use e-cigarettes, you’ve probably noticed that different businesses and public locations react differently to vaping on their premises. While e-cig users are welcome in some places, other businesses treat smokeless electronic cigarettes the same way they do traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Airports have traditionally been smoke-free zones, and some airports have chosen to be vapor-free as well, banning the use of e-cigs in their facilities.

Up until recently, Heathrow Airport in London, England didn’t allow e-cigs in its terminals. As the 3rd busiest airport in the world, Heathrow saw just under 70 million travelers pass through in 2012 alone.

With the growing popularity of e-cigs as an alternative to tobacco, many of those travelers were eager to take a vaping break in between flights, and now they can - in November 2013, Heathrow Airport opened what they believe to be the world's first very first e-cigarette vaping zone!

Prior to the opening of the vaping zone, vapers had to stand outside the terminal to enjoy their e-cigs, just like smokers.

Will we be seeing more vaping zones?

At Mistic, we encourage more airports and other traditionally smoke-free areas to consider the vaping community in their planning, and realize the positive impact that e-cigs can have.

It looks like the general public may agree with us: a survey conducted by the travel site Skyscanner found that 57% of people asked (including half of the non-smokers) wouldn't object to other airports following Heathrow's lead and adding their own vaping areas.

Now that Heathrow has set this precedent, it may not be long before other airports follow suit. Thanks to the growth of the e-cig community, other venues like restaurants, bars, and movie theaters are beginning to consider their policies on e-cigs. However, what those policies will be and how those businesses will view e-cigs remain uncertain.

So, what can you do? If you’re an e-cig user, consider talking to the owners or managers of your favorite hangouts to find out their e-cig policies, and encourage them to see electronic cigarettes as a positive alternative to tobacco. Increasing public awareness about the benefits of e-cigs and improving people’s opinions is the best way to make sure that vapers aren’t left outside in the cold!

What do you think about Heathrow’s vaping zone? Let us know in the comments!

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