E-Liquid Flavors: Many of our Customers Still Buy Classic Tobacco

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 22, 2018, 4:16:51 AM

When it comes to cars, food and other things in life it’s good to have options, and the vape scene is filled with vape juices of all flavors ranging from the traditional to more extreme. However, what we found is very interesting.

Many years ago, when we first got into the electronic cigarette business there were hardly any vape flavors on the market, especially since e-cigs were primarily geared towards people switching over from cigarettes. At that time, two of the most popular flavors were tobacco and menthol.

As Mistic grew, including adding a wide variety of other vaporizers and e-juices above and beyond e-cigs, we noticed that even though our offering continued to expand interest for the classics never went away, and today a large amount of our sales come from tobacco-flavored e-cigs and juices, which is surprising. Menthol comes in second.

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