Ecigs for Adults Only: Mistic Supports Voluntary Carding

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 3, 2014, 2:09:00 PM


While many state and local governments have passed laws with age restrictions for the purchase of electronic cigarettes, many have not.

Here at Mistic, we believe that ecigs are not for minors, and we strongly support voluntary carding to keep ecigs where they belong – in the hands of adult smokers.

Although Mistic ecigs and similar vaping products do not produce smoke, we believe it’s best to handle the buying and selling of ecigs as an age-restricted activity, similar to tobacco sales.

Age Restrictions for Ecigs: Times are Changing 

Many states have simply added ecigs to their existing tobacco age restriction laws, establishing 18 as the minimum age for ecig purchases, but there’s no federal law yet.

To us, it’s only logical to take the next step by doing everything we can to market and sell our products only to smokers 18 and up.

That’s why we joined the We Card program, to support requiring identification from ecig customers, regardless of whether their home state has an ecig law on the books.

We have no intention of marketing or selling our products to minors or non-smokers in general.

We’re proud to participate in the We Card program, and we want to be the industry leader in preventing minors from having access to ecigs.  We encourage everyone to support a minimum age for ecigs, even if a federal age restriction is not yet on the books.

A minimum age of 18 to purchase ecigs will probably become federal law sooner or later, as more and more states pass laws requiring retailers to ID customers for electronic cigarettes in the same way as tobacco products.

Mistic is proud to offer adult tobacco users a smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes. Federal regulations may be slow to materialize, but Mistic believes in the simple solution of supporting age verification now.

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