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Over the past few years vaping has taken the world by storm (well, cloud) and vape shops started popping up all over the globe providing everything from box mods and pod mods to a plethora of e-juices. Some vape enthusiasts prefer to order online for convenience while others enjoy going into vape shops and exploring all they have to offer. But what makes a good local vape shop?



One of the main reasons people visit vape shops is to browse their selection of products in person – the whole scratch and sniff mentality holds true. They want to hold, test and taste not just view. Additionally, a good vape shop will have a buyer that watches trends and stocks all of the latest and greatest products, which is awesome for you.



Finding a vape shop that’s nearby is important, especially since cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and others have absolutely horrible traffic. You either jump on public transportation or be prepared to spend hours traveling to and from your vape destination.



Similar to choosing a restaurant with the right ambiance, the vibe at vape shops is important as well, especially if you plan to hang out and blow some clouds. Find a local shop that offers the right feel with good people and you’ll end up with a new home away from home.


Customer Service

Lastly, find a vape shop that prides itself in offering top notch customer service and is willing to work with you (and product manufacturers) when things go wrong. Do you not like the flavor of a particular juice? A product is defective? Whatever the case may be, customer service is what keeps people happy and coming back for more.



Good luck on your search for the best vape shops in your area! Take the above factors into consideration and your journey will be a success.


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