Flavor Profile: Citrus Crush E Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Sep 23, 2015, 8:52:00 AM

Flavor Profile: Citrus Crush E Juice

There’s a new sweet and refreshing flavor for HAUS that everyone will love. Try our Citrus Crush e juice and find out how crisp and delicious vapor can be!

For our latest flavors of HAUS e juice, we blended fresh fruity flavors made in the USA to create gourmet masterpieces. Citrus Crush provides a blast of bright, juicy citrus with complex flavors in perfect harmony.

This citrus e juice is a delicious vape in the morning, afternoon, or at night. The sweet and tart flavors are energizing and exciting, but just mellow enough to make this a perfect all day flavor.

Ruby red grapefruit and juicy orange shine through with a lemon-lime kick that keeps the vapor light and airy. This is one gourmet fruity vape you can sit back and savor.

Whether you love experimenting with new e juice flavors or you normally stick with tobacco and menthol, you’ll love trying Citrus Crush. The flavor is complex but enjoying it is simple.

Take a puff and it’s like quenching your thirst. Everybody loves citrus! This e juice has all the cool and refreshing flavor of freshly squeezed juice, poured over ice on a hot afternoon.

Vaping with Citrus Crush E Juice

Citrus Crush comes expertly blended right out of the bottle, so you get a mix of delicious juice flavors that work perfectly together. The vapor gushes with juicy orange and grapefruit flavor, while the touch of lemon and lime rounds it out with a little tartness and a clear, crisp aftertaste.

For an extra twist, you can also try our Menthol Citrus e juice. Want a lighter hint of mint? Fill up with Citrus Crush and add a drop of Cool Ice to control the level of menthol.

Citrus Crush is a must-have e juice for sophisticated vapers and recent converts alike. The gourmet flavor will impress even the most mature tasting palate.

Try something new and exciting—add Citrus Crush to your e juice collection!

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