Flavor Profile: HAUS Apple E Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 12, 2014, 4:57:00 PM

HAUS PV flavor profile of apple e juice

HAUS keeps rolling out awesome flavors, and the brand new apple e juice is an instant classic. This flavor showcases the sweet and tart taste of green apples. It’s a perfect way to shake things up!

Whether apple is your favorite flavor or you just want a new sweet, tangy, and fruity option, this apple e juice hits the spot. The flavor is cool and crisp, with the fresh taste of an autumn apple-picking experience.

Apple E Juice: Classic Sour Green Apple Flavor

If you gravitate toward sour apple drinks, you’ll definitely love this e liquid. Expect a premium version of that classic sour green apple taste.

Just looking for a great new flavor to add to the shuffle? Apple makes a great alternative flavor for anybody. It’s bold but not overpowering. It’s distinctive and unique but has irresistible, classic appeal.

Vaping with apple e liquid gives the same rich and smooth plumes of vapor as other HAUS liquids. Apple stands apart from the other flavors because it’s just so tart and sweet all at once.

If you normally vape mellow flavors like the American Blend tobaccco e liquid, consider branching out with apple e juice. The apple flavor tastes great at any time of day, so you might want to switch back and forth between apple and tobacco flavor. Of course, you can always mix flavors, too!

Apple blends very well with the other fruit-flavored e liquids from HAUS. Try it with the berry e juice for a fruit medley, or experiment and make up your own! The apple e liquid adds a crisp and tart edge to other fruit flavors.

Like other HAUS e liquids, apple contains nicotine and pure USA-made ingredients. Apple e liquid gives a rich, satisfying vapor that you’ll love after meals or on a quick break from work. It’s the best vape and the joy of biting into a crisp green apple all at once.

Try it out now for just $7.99 in our online store!


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