Flavor Profile: HAUS Java E Liquid

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 24, 2014 3:00:00 PM

Haus e juice flavor Java

How do you take your coffee? With the HAUS Java e liquid, you can enjoy a bold and smooth coffee flavor when you vape!

Java offers a delicious and sophisticated flavor option to complement your favorite HAUS flavors, and it just might be your new favorite.

The Great Coffee Flavor of HAUS Java E Juice

Java offers a rich and authentic taste of fresh roasted coffee. Think about the pure essence of your favorite premium blend — that’s what this coffee e juice tastes like, in a satisfyingly thick vapor.

Coffee lovers will enjoy the fact that this e liquid offers more than just a simple coffee flavor. You'll notice subtle hints of caramel, sugar and spice — just like a great cup of coffee — when you puff on your HAUS and let the rich flavors of Java develop.

Don’t drink much coffee? Give Java a chance anyway! Like a delicious coffee dessert, everyone can enjoy the sophisticated taste of Java e juice.

Think about a cup of coffee good enough to drink black. That’s the great thing about our coffee e juice — it’s just pure coffee flavor in a soft, smooth vapor.

For those who don’t often drink coffee, you’ll appreciate that Java brings the best flavor without the acidic aftertaste of the actual beverage. 

Shake Things Up with HAUS Java E Juice

Java e liquid has nicotine like the other great HAUS e liquids, so it packs a satisfying kick, too. 

With such a great value, it’s definitely worth trying out some coffee e juice for a change of pace. The 10 mL bottle offers the vaporizer equivalent of two cartons of cigarettes

Remember, with the refillable tank it’s easy to switch out flavors whenever you want. Just pick up an extra tank with your new java e liquid and you can switch back forth.

Try out Mistic's Java E Liquid today in our online store!


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