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Aug 15, 2014 11:53:00 AM Comments

mango flavored e juice for HAUS PV

Do you ever daydream about a beach vacation during the middle of your work day? Give yourself an escape with the exotic flavor of mango!

Everyone needs to shake things up now and then. With the fresh, fruity flavor of our new mango e juice, you’ll love the HAUS PV even more.

Mango E Juice for the HAUS PV

Mango makes the perfect addition to the HAUS flavor lineup. Enjoy mango as a delicious alternative once in a while, or fall in love with it and make it your new favorite!

This is a fresh, bright flavor that you’ll love, even if you usually stick with traditional or menthol flavors. If you enjoy collecting flavors of e juice, you’ll love adding our fruity, tropical Mango flavor. 

Mistic crafted our mango e juice to provide a crisp, refreshing flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness. The distinctive taste of mango comes through with the perfect touch of tropical fruit flavor.

You can enjoy vaping with mango e juice anytime! After a meal, when you need to take a break and relax, or to treat yourself while stuck at work — this is a fresh, fruity flavor that will keep things interesting so you can always have the perfect flavor of e juice for your HAUS.

Mango e juice comes in 2.4% nicotine by volume, just like all of our e juices. Each child-proof bottle contains 10mL of e liquid and features a slow-drip tip for easy refilling.

HAUS e juice bottles contain enough liquid to equal two cartons of cigarettes, but you also have the option to fill up just a little at a time! With the HAUS PV, it’s easy to switch between flavors and try different things - you can even mix e juices and make your own flavors.

Shake things up with our Mango e juice and discover an exciting new option to add to the mix! Relax and enjoy the tropical fruit flavor of mango — and escape with your HAUS PV to that beach vacation you really want.

Try our mango e juice today for just $7.99!

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