Flavor Profile: HAUS Menthol E Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Mar 13, 2015, 3:14:00 PM

HAUS menthol flavored e juice

What’s cooler than cool? The bestselling flavor in the HAUS e cigarette liquids lineup: Cool Ice.

This is a premium menthol e juice with a crisp mint flavor that’s perfect for former menthol smokers—and all vapers!

For those of you who have recently switched from smoking to vaping, Cool Ice offers a premium menthol flavor that you’ll find familiar—and even better than your old menthol cigarettes!

If you smoked non-menthol cigarettes and want something a little different with your PV, this is the menthol e juice to try. Cool Ice has an authentic mint flavor that produces a refreshing and invigorating vape. 

You can switch back and forth between Cool Ice and our American Blend tobacco e juice, or you can mix the two together for a mild menthol taste.

Cool Ice: Premium Quality Menthol E Juice

Like all the HAUS flavors, our menthol e juice contains high-quality ingredients made in the USA. 

The only ingredients we use are nicotine, menthol flavoring, water, and propylene glycol—a pharmaceutical preservative that helps produce a consistent vapor.

Cool Ice is mixed and bottled at our pristine facilities in North Carolina. We ensure the best quality, so you get a crisp and clean menthol e liquid with delicious flavor and a fresh taste.

Vaping with Cool Ice

Cool Ice has that bright, refreshing mint taste that both new and veteran vapers love.

Some folks like mixing tobacco and menthol e juice to get a custom blend that tastes like their favorite menthol cigarette, but Cool Ice is also perfect on its own.

HAUS e juice bottles make it easy to refill your tank without causing a mess. The narrow, slow-drip tip also makes it easy to pour exact amounts.

When you want to branch out to other flavors, you can also mix Cool Ice with other HAUS premium e cigarette liquids to get a minty twist on fruit flavors.

Cool Ice has an exciting, fresh taste that every vaper loves, and it’s the best menthol e liquid on the market for former menthol smokers who have recently made the switch!

There’s something for everybody with Cool Ice.

Click to see why Cool Ice is the most popular flavor of HAUS e juice.

Try Cool Ice

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