Flavor Profile: HAUS Tobacco E Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Nov 11, 2014, 4:55:00 PM

haus Amercan Blend tobacco e juice flavor

The American Blend E Liquid from HAUS produces a rich but mellow flavor, just like a premium tobacco product. You'll be reminded of your favorite cigarette, but with a surprisingly better taste!

With only a few simple ingredients (all made in the USA, by the way) this e liquid lets you enjoy full tobacco flavor without the foul aftertaste of smoking. 

That’s right: the authentic taste of fresh tobacco in a thick vapor, with nothing standing in its way.

In fact, you know the smell of a freshly opened pack of smokes — before you light up? That subtle, sweet aroma comes through in this tobacco e juice. Finally, you can have the experience you love without the actual smoke!

American Blend will satisfy long-time smokers who don’t want to give up the rich, bold taste they've enjoyed for years. 

Prefer “light” cigarettes? Don’t worry. This tobacco e juice is a balanced, flavorful blend that has been called the best tobacco flavor on the market by all kinds of former smokers.

Tobacco E Juice that Mixes Well with Other Flavors

The classic tobacco flavor of American Blend tobacco e liquid gives you unlimited options for mixing. Even if you are brand new to vaping, it’s easy to mix flavors and come up with your own custom blend.

Some popular ways to customize HAUS tobacco e juice:

  • Mix with Cool Ice to make your own menthol blend
  • Mix with Cherry, Grape, Berry and other fruit flavors — it’s like a flavored cigar!
  • Mix with Java for a rich, complex blend of coffee and tobacco flavors

All HAUS e juices contain nicotine and PV so you get a satisfying throat hit from the rich vapor.

If you are still worried about missing your favorite old brand of cigarettes, give HAUS American Blend a try. This is a richer, more authentic tobacco flavor than you expect!

You’ll be amazed at how much more you can enjoy the taste of tobacco when you’re not burning it — this is a vapor to savor.

Ready to try HAUS American Blend e liquid?


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