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Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 6, 2015, 2:37:00 PM

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Everybody’s favorite flavor is now available in the HAUS e liquid lineup! Our new vanilla e juice packs all the smooth taste of premium vanilla beans in a smooth and creamy vapor.

Our vanilla e liquid is made in America and features just a few simple ingredients. What you get is a complex and distinctive flavor: the sweet and simple goodness of vanilla ice cream, and the subtle spice of a gourmet vanilla beans.

The classic taste of vanilla makes a perfect addition to your collection of vaping liquids. Tons of vapers will want to make this rich and mellow flavor their new daily vape! 

Whether you’re a vanilla connoisseur or just wanting to experiment with a new flavor, HAUS vanilla is sure to please. The easygoing and lightly sweet taste is perfect all day long. Enjoy the creamy vapor as a zero-calorie treat after a meal, and relax on your vaping breaks with the sweet, smooth vanilla flavor.

HAUS Vanilla E Liquid

With nicotine and PG, this vanilla e juice also packs a satisfying punch. Mix vanilla with the other great HAUS flavors and you can come up with unlimited custom options, too! 

Here are some great flavor combos to try:

  • Mint vanilla, mixed with Cool Ice
  • Berries & cream, mixed with Berry
  • Vanilla cigar, mixed with American Blend
  • Vanilla latte, mixed with Java
  • Cherry vanilla, mixed with Washington Red
  • Mix any fruit-flavored e liquids with vanilla for a creamy, fruity treat!

The slow-drip tip of HAUS e liquid bottles makes it easy to carefully fill your tank. Try different ratios of vanilla and other flavors to create different custom blends.

Never again will you hear “vanilla” and think “bland.” Rich aroma and premium vanilla flavor make sure that you’ll enjoy vaping more when you add a little vanilla to your life!

 The HAUS flavor lineup just got a whole lot more exciting with vanilla e juice. Let us know what you think, and be sure to tell us if you have a great flavor combo idea!

Try our vanilla e juice today for just $7.99!


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