Flavor Profile: Moon Milk Vape Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 2, 2016 4:02:00 PM

Flavor Profile of Moon Milk Vape Juice

Ready to take a ride and discover a gourmet vaping experience that’s out of this world? The new Moon Milk e juice from the HAUS Craft Collection has a sweet, milky, vanilla-caramel flavor that will leave you swooning with delight.

Moon Milk has a sweet and earthy flavor with coconut and vanilla notes and a sugary caramel finish. It’s smooth and creamy, with a roasted and toasted flavor for a truly gourmet taste.

This is a perfect dessert vape and a well-rounded flavor. Whether you think you’ve already tried every flavor in the world, or you’re brand new to mod vaping—Moon Milk is a delicious and creamy vape that will surprise you with complex, gourmet flavors.

Moon Milk: Blasting Off with New HAUS CC Vape Juice

As part of the new HAUS Craft Collection, Moon Milk e juice is made in the USA with premium ingredients and a masterpiece of a recipe.

The base mix of 60 VG/40 PG offers great taste and a satisfying throat hit with a sweet, syrupy vape. At 4 mg of nicotine, the e liquid lets the delicious flavor shine while providing a nice little kick in every puff.

Flavor is the best part of Moon Milk and other HAUS CC vape juices, of course, our mixologists have crafted this into a delightful blend of nuanced flavors for a creamy, toasted flavor with rich undertones.

Moon Milk e juice tastes best in the new sub-ohm HAUS CC Mod, but you’ll love vaping it in any device. Craft Collection e juices come with eye dropped caps for easy and precise refilling.

The beautifully designed bottle will look great in your collection, and the flavor is truly like no other. Moon Milk is a delicious, gourmet vape that will open your eyes to a new level of vaping.

So, go aheadadd Moon Milk to your vaping rotation!

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