Flavor Profile: Ocean Mist Melon E Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 22, 2015, 9:00:00 AM

HAUS flavor profile Ocean Mist E Juice

The temperature is rising, folks! Warmer weather and sunshiny days make this a great time of year to expand your vaping horizons with Ocean Mist, the delicious melon e liquid of the HAUS e juice flavors lineup.

Ocean Mist is a delicious blend of honeydew and cantaloupe flavors, and it all comes together in a cool, mellow mix. 

So what’s it like to vape with our melon e juice? The initial taste is sweet and fruity, and the flavor develops into a mild and aromatic experience that leaves you refreshed and satisfied.

Think about the sweet, fruity taste of slicing into a ripe, juicy melon on a summer afternoon. That’s what Ocean Mist brings to vaping! This isn’t like some melon-flavored candy, it’s a deep and smooth fruit flavor that awakens the senses.

Sweet and juicy, not too tart, and perfectly refreshing—Ocean Mist from HAUS lets you enjoy the tropical taste of melon anytime, anywhere.

Get Ready for Summer with Melon E Juice!

Ocean Mist makes a great choice for your “all day” vape, but it’s especially exciting for the spring and summer. With a delicious melon e liquid in your collection, you can feel that summery breeze with every puff.

You can jumpstart your e juice collection with our Ocean Mist & Java Combo Pack, which also features our gourmet coffee flavor. Vape with Java in the morning, and switch to Ocean Mist at lunch for a fruity treat.

Ocean Mist also blends well with many of the HAUS e juice flavors. Some popular homemade blends include:

  • Ocean Mist & Vanilla for a cool, creamy treat
  • Ocean Mist & Cool Ice for a minty, fruity flavor
  • Ocean Mist & Watermelon for the ultimate melon blast

Try Ocean Mist on its own and enjoy the sweet, fruity taste of summer—then experiment with adding it to other flavors for your own custom blend.

You deserve a cool, sweet treat this time of year. Pick up Ocean Mist melon e juice from the online store and enjoy a whole new way to vape!

Sounds refreshing, right? Don't wait another second—try it today!

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