Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruit E Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Aug 27, 2015 10:08:00 AM

Vape Juice Flavor Profile Tropical Fruit E Juice

Variety—it’s not just the spice of life, it’s one of the best things about vaping! Tropical Fruit—one of our 4 new HAUS e juice blends—brings a ton of exciting flavors to the party.

Our master flavorists perfected this blend of fresh mango, melon, citrus, cherry, and berries—all deliciously blended together for a sweet, juicy and irresistibly fruity vape.

Tropical Fruit e juice is made in the USA, but the exotic flavor will have you feeling like you’re on an island vacation. With each puff, you’ll notice little hints of different fruit. First you’ll notice juicy and tropical mango and melon, then sweet and tart berry, then bright notes of orange and lime.

That’s the beauty of our Tropical Fruit e juice it’s not just one generic fruit flavor, it’s a gourmet mix of all these delicious fruits. Like a freshly blended smoothie made with ripe fruits from the Caribbean, the vapor tastes like a balanced cocktail of sweet, tart, and mellow flavors.

Add Tropical Fruit to Your HAUS E Juice Mix!

Tropical Fruit e juice gives you an exciting blend of flavors so you don’t have to mix e juice from different bottles to get an exotic and intriguing flavor. But you can still have fun mixing Tropical Fruit with other flavors!

Add some Tropical Fruit to American Blend tobacco or Cool Ice menthol for a fruity spin on the classics. Or just mix a few drops of Cool Ice into your Tropical Fruit for a light minty twist.

You can also mix other fruity e juice like Havana Mojito or Red Cherry to make a custom blend bursting with flavor.

If you normally vape with tobacco or menthol e juice, Tropical Fruit might just be the one extra bottle you need for a fun flavor alternative. It’s unique and different with something for everybody—a perfect mix of sweet and juicy fruit-flavored vaping.

Pick up Tropical Fruit e juice in our online store and relax like you’re on vacation!

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