For Mistic, Low E Cigarette Price Doesn't Mean Low Quality

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 15, 2015, 4:11:00 PM


Do you have to pay more for electronic cigarettes to get better quality? At Mistic, we think a low e cigarette price and high quality can actually go hand-in-hand. We make great value our top priority, and that includes both great taste and low prices.

Mistic e cigs use wonderful technology and smart production methods to keep costs down. Here’s how we deliver a consistent product that’s both delicious and inexpensive:

#1. Efficiently Made in the US

Think you need to pay more for a “Made in the USA” label? Not with Mistic! We save money throughout our supply chain by doing things locally—and we pass those savings on to you.

All Mistic e liquid gets manufactured close to our company headquarters in North Carolina. We can oversee the entire distribution process and US production of vaping products right in our backyard. Thanks to lower shipping costs and domestic operations, we enjoy a streamlined process that allows us to offer a low price even though we make a premium product.

#2. We Keep Our Overhead Low

Some e cigarette brands—especially the ones owned by Big Tobacco—spend your money on slick advertising with celebrity endorsers. Mistic does not have to waste your money like that because Mistic fans are happy to provide word-of-mouth recommendations to their friends and family who vape. 

Instead of using your money on a massive advertising budget, Mistic stays focused on providing great taste and great value so our e cigs sell themselves.

#3. High Volume = Lower Cost Per Unit

We’re independent, and we’re smaller than most of our competitors—but we make Mistic e cigs on a large scale. We can afford a low e cigarette price because our products are available in big electronic cigarette retailers across the country.

Mistic has been the #1 brand of electronic cigarettes at Walmart stores, and we’re in more than 66,000 stores nationwide (plus our own online store). Just like you save money when you buy groceries in bulk, Mistic saves money on production costs by making lots of e cigs. Low costs for us equal a low e cigarette price for you. 

#4. Better Technology Makes Great Quality Affordable

Great value means more than just a low e cigarette price—it also means great quality for the money. Mistic e cigs use advanced technology for a great battery and vaporizing mechanism, which ensures you get a smooth and tasty vape. 

Why pay more when you can get premium performance in a low cost e cig? Mistic keeps the focus on providing the best value electronic cigarette on the market, and that includes both great taste and low prices.

You can pay more money for e cigs, but why would you? Mistic provides top-notch quality and great taste with amazing prices because we’re committed to bringing you the best value for your buck.

If you're looking to start vaping with a trusted company, try Mistic—we won't let you down.

Have we won you over? Great! Give Mistic a try today!

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