Get 50% Off With Our 4th of July Mistic E-Cig Coupon Code

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 24, 2014 1:13:00 PM

4th of July Mistic Promo - 40% off

Save your lighter for sparklers and firecrackers this Independence Day, and change out your smokes for a Mistic e-cig or Haus personal vaporizer!

With our 4th of July Spectacular promotion, switching from tobacco is easier than ever.

From now until July 7th, you can get half off all Mistic and Haus products in our online store. That’s 50% off any item, from our $129.99 12-packs ($65 with the discount) to $5.99 Mistic Black disposables ($3 with the discount).
All you need to do is enter the Mistic e-cig coupon code HAPPY4TH at checkout to receive half off your entire order.

Not only will you save money (even without the discount, vaping is so much cheaper than smoking), but you’ll also spare everyone at your July 4th cookout the secondhand smoke and smell of your tobacco cigarettes.

That’s just one more thing to celebrate, as you light fireworks and grill out with friends and family on our country’s birthday!

Click to redeem HAPPY4TH

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