Get a Free 5-Pack for 50 Old E Cigs with Our E Cig Recycling Program

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 2, 2014 4:30:00 PM


It feels good to get rewarded for doing the right thing. When you recycle your used refill cartridges and e cig batteries with Mistic, we’ll send you a new 5-pack or a Basic Starter Kit, entirely FREE!

Electronic cigarettes help reduce the environmental impact caused by tobacco products — no more littered butts, no more lighters, and less packaging.

Recycling your used refill cartridges and e cig batteries goes a step further toward make e cigs as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s all part of Mistic’s commitment to running an eco-friendly business. We want the exchange program to encourage everyone to recycle used cartridges and e cig batteries so vaping can be even greener.

Have another brand’s cartridges? That’s okay! Send in used refill cartridges from any brand and we’ll reward you with a 5-pack or starter kit in your choice of flavor. We're happy to recycle old e cig batteries for you, too.

How our E Cig Recycling Program works to get you your FREE gift:

  • Collect 50+ used cartridges of Mistic or any brand
  • Include any e cig batteries that need recycling
  • Send along a note with your choice of reward: a free 5-pack in your preferred nicotine level and flavor, or a free Basic Starter Kit in either Traditional or Menthol flavor
  • Your shipping address and contact info
  • Mail to: Mistic Electronic Cigarettes, 10700 Sikes Place, Suite 120, Charlotte, NC 28277.

Mistic offers this free gift to individuals only — anyone is welcome to recycle with us, but the exchange program is not for retailers or other businesses.

When you enjoy vaping instead of smoking, you prevent tons of waste from entering rivers and oceans or ending up in landfills. Recycling your batteries and refill cartridges reduces your environmental impact even more. 

Consider that one Mistic cartridges contains the equivalent of two packs of smokes. Recycling 50 used refill cartridges reduces the litter and landfill waste of 100 packs of cigarettes! Trade your old items in for a bonus 5-pack or starter kit and get rewarded for helping out the environment.

Once you recycle your used batteries and cartridges, you can find more in our store:

Visit the Online Store

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