Happy Valentine's Day Sale!

Posted by Mistic Electronic Cigarettes on Feb 11, 2013, 8:26:00 AM

The Happy Valentine's Day Sale HAS EXPIRED.

Mistic ecigs for sale

Dear Mistic Customers:

Mistics glow red;
Our company grew!
How can we say
How much we love you?!?

What can we say as Valentine’s Day approaches? We love You for loving us! And we want to offer a Happy Valentine's Day sale to say a special thank you to you:

Use the coupon code HEARTS when you buy a Mistic 2 or Mistic 3 kit, and get a free pack of cartridges ($14.99 value).

Just go to the store and select your Mistic 2 or Mistic 3 kit and your cartridges to purchase, enter the coupon code ‘HEARTS’ at checkout, and we will deduct 14.99 for your cartridge pack.

We hope that you will enjoy our little way of saying THANK YOU for being a loyal Mistic customer.


The Mistic Team

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