HAUS Premium E Cigarette Liquids Give You Options

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HAUS premium e cigarette liquids

Personal vaporizers open up a whole new world of delicious possibilities. There’s more to vaping than just tobacco and menthol! 

We offer amazingly rich and satisfying e juice in tobacco and menthol, of course, but everybody likes having options. That’s why we’ve packed the HAUS lineup with 12 different premium e cigarette liquids.

The next time you buy vaping supplies, pick up a few new flavors. You’ll find tasty new alternatives – and you just might find a new favorite.

All the HAUS premium e cigarette liquids start with quality USA-made ingredients. Simple ingredients, too. Our e juice contains nicotine, water, flavoring, and one simple ingredient that’s common in foods and medicines. There’s nothing in our e liquid except what’s necessary to give you a consistently fresh and tasty vapor (see our YouTube video showing juice production).

HAUS premium e cigarette liquids let you decide how to enjoy vaping:

  • 12 different flavors: sweet and savory choices as well as tobacco or menthol
  • Easy refill: fill up the tank all the way, or just a little
  • Switch tanks: alternate between your favorite flavors whenever you want
  • Custom mix: blend your own flavors into fun combos

HAUS Flavors: Something for Everybody

If you just want premium e cigarette liquids in tobacco or menthol, we’ve got you covered. American Blend offers the rich, satisfying flavor of tobacco and Cool Ice delivers the refreshing taste of menthol perfectly.

When you want different flavors, the HAUS lineup has 12 awesome options with plenty of variety. Sweet and fruity flavors include cherry, berry, apple, grape, mango, pineapple, melon, and watermelon — take your pick!

For something different, we also make java e juice for coffee lovers and a delicious vanilla e juice. These are gourmet flavors with amazing quality.

Make Your Own Custom E Liquid Blends

You can always pour different premium e cigarette liquids into your HAUS tank to come up with your own custom blends. It’s super easy because HAUS bottles have a slow-drip tip so there's no mess. The milliliter lines on the tank make it easy to perfect your favorite “recipe,” too.

Some tasty and fun blends you might want to try:

  • American Blend with a hint of cherry or vanilla
  • Berry with a cool burst of menthol
  • Cherry and vanilla swirl
  • Watermelon and apple for a summer treat

Get the picture? It’s totally up to you! You can even go wild and mix three or four flavors together. Experiment with different combos and you’ll probably come up with a special, personal blend.

HAUS E Liquids Put You in Control

Besides all the different flavor options, HAUS makes it easy to vape exactly how you prefer. With extra tanks and several flavors on hand, you never have to stick with one flavor all day long. 

Maybe you like one flavor in the morning and another at night. Enjoy fruit blends for your vaping breaks, but switch to Cool Ice after meals.

Your HAUS, your choice!

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