HAUS: the Best Vaporizer for Beginners

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Aug 28, 2014 10:40:00 AM Comments

HAUS is the best vaporizer for beginners

When you’re making the switch from tobacco — or if you’re interested in moving from “cig-alikes” to personal vaporizers — you want the best widely-available vaporizer on the market. The stylish, affordable HAUS Personal Vaporizer from Mistic offers everything you want in the vaping lifestyle:

  • Easy to use and easy to refill
  • 8 e juice flavor options
  • Robust, satisfying e juice with 2.4% nicotine
  • Available in stores and online

Here’s why HAUS beats other vaporizers and offers a great experience that smokers and e-cig users will love:

It's Easy to Use and Perfectly Reliable

We designed the HAUS PV to function well and be user-friendly for everyone. Charging, refilling, using the HAUS PV — it’s all very easy, even for people brand new to vaping!

HAUS makes the best vaporizer for beginners because it’s so simple to get started. Charge the battery, unscrew the tank and fill up your e juice, and you’re ready to go. Our e juice bottles even feature a slow-drip tip for easy refills without any mess.

Vaping fans also love how reliable and consistent the HAUS PV is, thanks to long battery life and its simple design. With the HAUS PV, you know what you’re getting — a comfortable, sturdy, stylish vaporizer that you'll love using, especially if you're just getting started.

Satisfying and Flavorful E Juice

Looking for satisfaction and flavor? HAUS is the best vaporizer for people just switching from smoking. You’ll love the taste of our 8 custom e juices, and the 2.4% nicotine level gives you what you want without the smell and hassle of smoke.

HAUS e liquid features a robust nicotine content to give everybody a satisfying vaping experience. The 2.4% nicotine level gives you one more reason to stick with using the vaporizer when you're trying to make the switch from tobacco.

Our wide variety of delicious, eclectic flavors also helps make the HAUS PV system the best vaporizer experience. Start off with our tobacco-flavored American Blend or the menthol Cool Ice Blend, then experiment with all our other flavors!

The best vaporizer for you will be one that you really enjoy using. The HAUS flavor lineup has a new favorite for everyone, even if you’re used to smoking non-flavored tobacco products. We have Washington Red (cherry), Ocean Mist (melon), Java (coffee), Grape, Mango, and Berry flavors, all with a satisfying nicotine kick.

Because the HAUS PV is refillable, you can mix and match flavors or fill up with only a small amount at a time — so it’s easy to switch back and forth between different flavors.

HAUS: Available Online and at Thousands of Retailers

You can buy Mistic and HAUS products at thousands of grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retailers across the country. Our entire lineup can be found online, too (subscribe to our newsletter to hear about promotions and discounts!).

Since it’s easy to find e juice, replacement tanks, and extra batteries for your HAUS PV, you can always buy new flavors and replace your battery while finding compatible accessories in stores and online.

If you're new to vaping, get started with HAUS today!


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