Have You Ever Cracked Your PV Tank?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Nov 9, 2015, 4:30:00 PM

Tips for helping avoid a cracked pv tank

We’ve tested the strength of the HAUS tank and found it nearly impossible to break. Sit on it, throw it on the ground, or even drop a brick on the Vape Pen — and it just won’t crack! But some people do wind up with a cracked tank. This usually comes from a build-up of stress over time, not just a one-time accident of dropping your PV on the ground.

The strong polycarbonate tank of the HAUS Personal Vaporizer resists breakage extremely well. If it does crack, though, be sure to replace the tank before vaping. Our HAUS Craft Collection Mod Kit comes with a metal tank that is even more indestructible.

The most common reasons for a cracked tank seem to be:

  • Keeping the PV in your pants pocket. A vape pen like HAUS fits in your pocket, but it’s better to keep it on the lanyard or in a bag or purse. When you sit down, stand up, or cross your legs the PV tank has to bend slightly. Over time, a hairline fracture builds up.
  • Frequently dropping it. The HAUS tank is designed to be shatter-resistant, and it can hold up to plenty of abuse. But don’t make a habit of dropping it on the ground! After enough spills, it might strike hard ground at just the wrong angle and crack.
  • Highly acidic, non-standard e juice. Our HAUS and Craft Collection e juices are designed to work perfectly with our vape pens and mods. If you use other e juices, try to stay away from highly acidic flavors like cinnamon or clove because they might crack the tank. The citrus flavors from HAUS should work perfectly fine in your PV, however.

How to Prevent a Cracked Tank

First and foremost, remember that your PV is an electronic device. Although the pen tank is very hard to break, the CC tank can still crack. If not handled properly, the place where these two pieces connect will bend and begin to leak. For that reason, just like you need to be a little careful with your iPhone, try to be gentle with your HAUS!

Accidents happen, but a cracked tank should be rare. Avoid bending or crushing the tank in your pocket. Instead, use the HAUS lanyard or keep it protected in a jacket pocket or purse. When traveling, disassemble the PV and pack it safely. The tank should not be buried at the bottom of a suitcase or anywhere that it might get crushed.

And when vaping, be careful and set the PV down somewhere safe so you don’t knock it on the ground when you reach for your coffee mug!

Finally, remember that personal vaporizer tanks simply do not last forever. The HAUS tank should be replaced every few weeks so that you get a fresh coil and a clean tank. Keep an extra tank on hand in case of an accident and to have a replacement ready whenever the tank wears out.

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