Have You Tried Our American Blend Tobacco E Juice?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 25, 2016 1:32:59 PM

Have You Tried Our American Blend Tobacco E Juice?

E juices come in a wide range of flavors, but unfortunately, their quality isn’t always of the same caliber. Whereas some vape juices are composed entirely of simple, quality ingredients, many more are not. Some brands even charge high prices for liquids that aren’t as well-made, which is enough to leave a bitter taste in any customer’s mouth.

In contrast, Mistic’s e juices consistently excel in flavor and price. Not only do we offer a large variety of delectable blends ranging from $7.99 to $23.99, but we also constantly innovate and deliver more refreshing flavor combinations. Our HAUS American Blend Tobacco e juice, for example, is popular among customers because it’s true in flavor and budget-friendly.

An Authentic Flavor Profile 

At just $7.99, our HAUS American Blend e juice is easily one of the most affordable vape juice options on the market. We’re happy to say that it’s also one of our tastiest. By combining subtle herbaceous notes with deep earthy tones, this satisfying blend offers a mix that’s as rich and timeless as America itself. Fill the tank on your vape pen with our HAUS American Blend e juice and savor an authentic taste of the great American farmland, where the smell of tobacco still lingers in the air.

Made Simply in the USA

How else does our HAUS American Blend stand out from other tobacco e juices? It’s made and packaged in the US, and it contains only four simple ingredients. Where many other vape juices include unnecessary chemicals and extracts, the HAUS American Blend consists only of pure, American-made ingredients: water, nicotine, premium flavoring, and a 60/40 VG/PG base. It’s clear that with Mistic, you can always expect a cleaner, bolder taste than you’d get with other products. 

At Mistic, we pride ourselves on our reputation for great value paired with great taste. When you choose our brand, you’re guaranteed a reliable, affordable, and exceptional vaping experience. 


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