Have You Tried Our Java Coffee E Juice?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 3, 2016 4:07:34 PM

Have You Tried Our Java Coffee E Juice?

Few moments can compare with your first sip of coffee in the morning. Still groggy with sleep, you lift a warm mug to your lips and savor the rich and bold flavors of a smooth dark roast. Within minutes, you feel revitalized and recharged, ready to tackle the day head-on.  

At HAUS, we know that the right blends can make all the difference. Just like a dark and creamy Americano or a sweet café latte, our coffee-flavored vape juice will easily satisfy your taste buds and boost your mood. One of our most popular blends, the HAUS Java E Juice isn’t just affordable—it also perfectly replicates the taste of your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Have you tried it yet? 

A Unique Flavor Profile

Although fruit-based vapes like Washington Red and Apple are classic choices, the HAUS Java E Juice boasts of an entirely new and truly unique flavor profile. Inspired by the decadent notes of roasted coffee beans, the HAUS Java E Juice offers true depth of flavor with freshly brewed nuances. When you fill your PV tank with this vape juice, it will be like enjoying a mug of joe without the threat of hot liquid spilling into your lap.

A Bold Price

Of course, HAUS Java E Juice isn’t just another bold flavor—it’s also sold at a bold price. Although this vape juice is of gourmet caliber, it retails for just $7.99, meaning that you can purchase this affordable indulgence as often as you like.

A Better Base

Whereas coffee is generally roasted and then mixed with foam or milk, sugar, and various syrups, the HAUS Java E Juice consists of a much more simplified base. When you purchase this vape juice, you can trust that we use only four simple ingredients: water, nicotine, premium flavoring, and propylene glycol. In turn, you get the same signature taste without an unnecessary sugar rush.

When you want a vape juice that’s sweet and satisfying, Mistic delivers every time. Visit our online store now to stock up on all of your favorite blends, or consider trying out one of our new exotic flavors.


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