Have You Tried Our Pineapple E Juice?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 18, 2016 9:55:40 AM

Have You Tried Our Pineapple E Juice?

In Hawaii, when it rains lightly on a sunny day locals call it “pineapple juice,” after the sweet, aromatic fruit cultivated on the island. Millions of people travel to Hawaii each year to experience the sights, tastes, and smells of this tropical paradise, and the pineapple captures these sensations in every refreshing bite.

But you don’t have to buy a plane ticket—just pick up a bottle of HAUS Pineapple E Juice! It’s a full, enticing fruit flavor that’s perfect for vapers who want to escape to a beachy paradise with every puff. Just like a summer rain, pineapple e juice sprinkles a little tropical spirit onto your day.

Made from only four ingredients (water, nicotine, premium flavoring and propylene glycol, a common e juice base), our pineapple juice is a great match for any of the other fruity flavors that HAUS offers.

If you want to get in a summery mood, pair this product with the Citrus Crush E Juice. Love fresh fruit salad? Try mixing it with our cherry e juice for a taste of a Fourth of July picnic.

Like all other HAUS e juices, our Pineapple E Juice comes in a 10 ml tamper-proof bottle. Each bottle lasts about as long as two cartons of traditional cigarettes, yet they cost just $7.99! All of our e juices are made and packaged in the USA, so you can trust the quality and reliability of the products you’re using.

For the full selection of HAUS e juice flavors, visit our online store. We’re sure that whatever your taste, you’ll find a vaping liquid you love.

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