Have You Tried Our Vanilla E Juice?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 27, 2016 10:02:42 AM

 Have You Tried Our Vanilla E Juice?

Vanilla—a favorite in everything from candies and coffee to perfume. There’s no doubt that rich vanilla sets the standard for all kinds of luxuries, and our premium HAUS Vanilla E Juice is no different. 

Modeled after the classically simple flavor of vanilla beans, this e liquid is sure to remind you of treats you’ve enjoyed for years with a powerful yet smooth vape.

Looking to expand your collection of HAUS e juices? The Vanilla E Juice pairs well with everything!

Just think about berry cobbler or cherry pie with ice cream—you can mix our cherry or berry e juice flavors with vanilla for a similar taste sensation. Or if you’re more of a coffee drinker, try the vanilla flavor with HAUS Java E Juice for a flavorful cappuccino-like vape to start your day, or to enjoy as a zero-calorie dessert after a meal.

You can’t go wrong with one of the nation’s most beloved flavors, and HAUS Vanilla E Juice is a guaranteed favorite at just $7.99 for a tamper-proof 10 ml bottle—the equivalent of two cartons of traditional cigarettes.

With just 4 ingredients (water, nicotine, premium flavoring and propylene glycol), HAUS e juices are made and packaged in the USA, so you don’t have to worry their reliability and quality. 

One of the best things about our Vanilla E Juice is that you know exactly what to expect from it: the classic vanilla flavor in liquid form that you can vape throughout the day (because any time is a good time for vanilla) and share with fellow vapers looking for a good match for their own flavors.

To find more delicious liquids to pair with the Vanilla E Juice, visit the juice section of our online store. There are plenty of options for everyone!



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