How Are Knock-Off E Cig Brands Cutting Corners?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM

How Are Knock-Off E Cig Brands Cutting Corners

When it comes to choosing an e cig brand, it’s not hard to see why quality matters more than quantity. Though you could purchase an inexpensive vape juice or mod kit from a lesser-known company, you might also risk getting a product that’s substandard. Imagine that the new vape juice you expected to taste like fresh kiwi instead tastes like a bunch of unidentifiable chemicals, or that a mod kit you were excited to receive was delivered broken and in pieces.

These are just a couple of ways that knock-off e cig brands cut corners with their products. To add insult to injury, they then profit from your misplaced trust.

Mystery Ingredients

Unfortunately, many knock-off e cig brands include mystery ingredients in their e juices. These companies may insist that their products contain just a few simple ingredients, but the truth lies in the taste of the vape. An e juice that was marketed as having a “rich and fruity flavor,” but actually tastes bitter could be a sign of false advertisement and the use of low-quality ingredients.

But with Mistic, you always know what you’re getting. Rather than mislead our customers with vague details, we provide an honest account of our products. For example, each of our delicious e juices contain only four simple ingredients: water, nicotine, premium flavoring, and a PG or VG/PG base. The purity of our products deliver a vape with a more honest, much bolder taste. 

You Get What You Pay For

Beyond their shoddy juice blends, dishonest companies will also try to mislead you with pricing. Although another brand might sell their products at lower prices, that doesn’t mean you’re actually getting a better deal. In many cases, consumers find that these items are made cheaply, with inferior materials. This results in mod kits or e cig cartridges that break more easily and more frequently. Ultimately, you would spend more money over time on replacements and repairs alone.

At Mistic, we detest these practices, and instead pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality products sold at great prices. We stock a variety of vape juices, mod kits, and accessories that are affordable and dependable. We also frequently offer promo codes to show our appreciation for our loyal customers. In turn, these promo codes help reduce the price of your total purchase.

Knock-off e cig brands might cut corners with their products, but you can make a different choice. Instead, get informed and invest in a well-known, trustworthy brands like Mistic and HAUS. When you select our products, you’re guaranteed a reliable, affordable, and exceptional vaping experience.

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