How Do I Know if My Mistic Ecig is Fully Charged?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 19, 2014 12:17:00 PM

Mistic ecig shown fully charged

When you smoked traditional cigarettes, you probably hated running out of smokes when you were at work or out for the evening.

 You may find yourself wondering, “How do I know if my Mistic e-cig is fully charged”? 

Well, Mistic makes it easy with our “green light” system.

Your Mistic ecig powers up with a simple USB charger. You can plug in the Mistic USB charger into our compatible wall charger or car charger, or just use the USB port in your computer or car — anywhere you might charge a cell phone or other device that uses USB. Once you screw the used battery into the charger, you’ll see a red light on the charger, and the tip of the battery will glow red. Once the battery is done charging, the light on the charger turns green and the LED light in the tip of the battery turns off.

Pretty simple, right? We know people new to our ecigs are wondering how they know when their ecigs are fully charged, so we made it as simple as waiting for the green light to go!

Getting the most life out of your Mistic ecig battery

There’s more you can do to get the most out of your battery life. For starters, it’s best to make sure you fully charge a new battery before you use it the first time. It’s also better to wait until a battery has been totally drained before charging it, and always charging it fully before using it again.

The Mistic ecig battery lasts about two days after fully charging (depending on how much you vape), and you’ll see the tip blinking when the battery power is too low. That way, you know to charge the battery and you can plug in a backup battery. Mistic batteries can last for years, and following these habits will help them have better life for even longer. 

Now that you know exactly how to I know if your Mistic ecig is fully charged, let us you know if you have any other questions about enjoying your Mistic products!

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