How Do Personal Vaporizers Work?

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How does my Personal Vaporizer work?

The first thing you notice about personal vaporizers (i.e. PVs) is that they look very different from cigarettes. If you’ve never used one, you’re probably asking yourself, exactly how do personal vaporizers work?

Though there are different designs, PVs are generally made up of a battery, a metal tank cap or “coil head,” and a tank. You hold down a button on the battery to turn on the coil, heating some of the e juice (also called e liquid or vape juice) and turning it into a smooth, thick vapor. Then, all you need to do is inhale!

E Juice recipes vary from company to company, but our HAUS e juices contain only flavoring, nicotine, propylene glycol, and water.

Once you start using PVs, you’ll realize that they’re extremely easy to use!

Recharging and Refilling Your Personal Vaporizer

So, now that you know just how personal vaporizers work, you’ll need to know the steps to recharge and refill your PV.

If your battery is brand new, charge it fully before the first use. Chargers vary by brand; ours is a USB charger, which can be used with any compatible USB port or plugged into our wall or car chargers. Just unscrew the battery from the tank and tank cap, screw it onto the charger, and plug it in to a USB port. When the light turns green, it’s 100% charged.

To refill your PV with e liquid, unscrew the battery from the tank, and then unscrew the metal tank cap. Take the e-liquid bottle and fill the tank by pouring the liquid onto the inner wall of the tank – just like you would carefully pour a beverage on the side of a glass. There will be a tube in the center of the tank, and you need to avoid getting liquid in there.

After you’ve filled the tank, screw the cap back on to the tank, and screw the tank back on to the battery - then you’re ready to start vaping!

How Do Personal Vaporizers Work? Better Than Other Options!

Like e cigarettes, personal vaporizers heat up e liquid to create a vapor. However, personal vaporizers offer several distinct benefits:

  • A larger tank for more e liquid
  • Longer-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Refill a tank whenever you wish, rather than replacing empty cartridges

The HAUS Personal Vaporizers from Mistic

HAUS's vape pen (and Mod) with durable stainless steel parts, and easy use for a fantastic vaping experience. In addition to the HAUS Vape Pen Starter Kit, we offer replacement tanks, single batteries in blue, and many classic e liquid flavors like American Blend tobacco, Cool Ice Menthol, or premium flavors with cool and unusual names like Rain and Moon Milk.

The HAUS vape pen has a superior performance and longer battery life than other electronic cigarette products. And unlike tobacco cigarettes, there’s no offensive smell or secondhand smoke. The next time someone asks you how personal vaporizers work, you can explain the simple process and why it’s easier and more appealing than ever to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping!

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