How Mistic is Working to Keep Ecigs for Adults Only

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 10, 2015 4:08:25 PM

Mistic is Working to Keep Ecigs for Adults Only

Whether you're thinking of making the switch to electronic cigarettes or learning to replace the atomizer coil in your HAUS CC Mod, you can trust that Mistic is working to keep e cigs for adults only. Not only do we take several preventative measures throughout our site, but we also follow strict protocols with the packaging of our products.

1. Age Confirmation Pop-Up

If you’re familiar with our site, chances are that you’ve already encountered our pop-up. Before visitors can access any Mistic pages, they must verify their age. In bold red letters, the pop-up not only reminds visitors that they have to be at least 18 years or older, but it also requires them to physically confirm their age. Green and red buttons are also in place to reinforce that access is either allowed or denied. In this way, curious eyes can’t browse through our site or accidentally stumble across anything age-inappropriate.

2. Age Verification Information

We also require age verification before visitors can purchase any products In our online store. When you go to check out, you’ll be required to create an account that include several questions in place asking for information such as your date of birth. Anyone who fails to answer these questions correctly they will be directed to contact our customer service. This measure ensures that only adults are buying our products, which is just another way that we keep our visitors safe.

3. Child-Resistant Packaging  

Finally, all of our products are made in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines for child-resistant packaging. Just like bottles for medication or cleaning products, each of our ejuices has a bottle-cap that makes it incredibly difficult for young children to open.

Vaping is for adults only, and at Mistic, we’re taking every step we can to keep it that way. But we need your help. Please be proactive in your own home and keep your vaping products somewhere where only you can enjoy them.

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