How Often Should I Change My Vaporizer Coil

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How Often Should I Change My Vaporizer Coil

The lifespan of a mod coil varies for everybody—it really depends on your vaping habits, your e juice, and the mod you use.

When getting accustomed to mod vaping, look for the signs of a burnt coil and determine how long your PV coils last. For the best flavor—and to avoid a dry, burnt taste—you’ll need to change your vape coils regularly!

How Long Your Mod Coil Should Last

Vape coils need to be replaced when the wire coil has worn out or the wick has burned. Most vapers need to change a personal vaporizer coil somewhere between every 1 to 4 weeks of usage.

A general estimate would be 2 weeks, but you should always monitor the taste of your vapor to look for signs that the coil needs replacement.

What really matters is how often you vape—not how many days or weeks have passed. Puff all day long, every day, and you might need to change the vape coil more often than weekly. Casual vapers who only puff occasionally can expect a coil to last several weeks.

Other factors affect the lifespan of a coil. 100% VG e liquid tends to wear out wicks more quickly than a VG/PG mix. If you use a variable voltage mod and increase the power, that will wear out the coil faster, too.

How Do I Know When to Change My Coil?

When the vape coil or wick has burned out, you’ll taste a dry and hot vapor. The e juice flavor becomes hardly noticeable—the ingredients are getting burnt up by the damaged coil and you’re tasting hot air.

You might also notice a gurgling sound in the tank when you inhale. E juice might seep through the coil to the battery connection. If this happens, be sure to clean the battery and tank cap when you replace your coil.

How to Replace Your Vape Coil

Replacement is easy and only takes a minute. Separate the tank from the battery and remove the tank cap. Set the tank aside carefully (this is also a good time to clean the tank and refill, especially if the old coil has burnt some of the remaining e juice).

Unscrew the old coil from the tank cap and dispose of it. Clean or wipe down the tank cap and make sure it’s dry. Screw in the new coil, put the tank back together, and let the tank rest in an upright position.

The wick needs to soak up some e juice for a few minutes before you vape. If you take a puff right away, the wick will be dry so the coil’s heat might burn it immediately. You’ll make your coil last longer if you let the wick steep!

Coils don't last forever... pick up some replacements today!


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